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Who Are Healthy Vibrations?​

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Hi! I'm Emma (as you may have guessed)!

I set up Healthy Vibrations in my second year of university, as a way of sharing what I am passionate about - plant-based eating, mental wellbeing, and travel. I am a huge believer in self-love and staying true to who you are - especially in this crazy, fast-paced society. 

As well as my passions for health and wellbeing, I love to write, read, cook, socialise, play music and spend time in the sunshine.

I hope you enjoy browsing our site! Have a wonderful day!



Hey, I'm Nick. I'm a student in the UK, studying Robotics.

I joined Healthy Vibrations when Emma and I were travelling through Australia - I share her passion for health, love and (real) life. I stay more behind-the-scenes to try and keep everything running smoothly, but I do show my face over on the YouTube channel.

Although I'm studying Robotics, I'm becoming more and more reluctant of technology as I try to reconnect with the real world through meditation and natural living.